Coty Airspun: Loose Face Powder (Dupe for the Laura Mercier Powder)

Top Ten Affordable Makeup Product Review:$6.00 dupe for the $40.00 Laura Mercier Powder? Yes. You heard me right...keep reading.

Need an affordable loose powder that rocks? The Airspun Loose Face powder is exactly what you need in your life. I recently got this product and it's already pushed past any other powder I've had and made its way into my Top 10 Affordable Makeup Products.


There's a few color shades such as Honey Beige, Muted Beige, and Honey Beige. But, the most popular shades are translucent, Translucent Extra Coverage, and my personal fave Naturally Neutral. 

I would definitely call this Product a dupe for the Laura Mercier Powder, which is a great product don't get me wrong, I love it! But, $38.00 is a lot for a broke college student that only can afford to eat pb&j for every meal. But being broke shouldn't mean you can't look fabulous, and that's why I love this product. Also, the Laura Mercier Powder is 1 Oz, which the The Airspun Loose Face Powder is 2.3 Oz.

Okay so what is so great about this product? "The particles are swirled and smoothed by racing streams of air for cloud-like softness. It spreads finely, lying evenly and flat on your skin for a flawless finish. This loose powder is ideal to set make-up or as a foundation." Everything about this description is accurate and that is why this product is so great. It's so versatile, perfect for setting under concealer, baking the face, setting you makeup, setting any cream products, setting your eyes after priming versatile, so good. It hides wrinkles, fine lines, pores, blurs imperfections. It pretty much does exactly what you want a powder to do. I found it's used best with a damp beauty blender/sponge. It does come with a puff, but i found that the puff is too large and doesn't do what I want it to do, I have much more control with my damp beauty sponge from real techniques.

Cons? It gets messy. But it's a loose powder so it's understandable. Overall I give this product an A+. It is magic fairy dust sent from the heavens above and I'm obsessed.

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