Rimmel Natural Bronzer

Top Ten Affordable Makeup Product Review.

The Rimmel Natural Bronzer is one of the best I've tried from the drugstore. For some reason I always find myself buying high-end bronzers rather drugstore bronzers. I had trouble finding one that met my standards, and this one really does.

There are several shades within this line of bronzers, some are matte and some are shimmer, while all being under $5! Shades consist of:

  • Sun Breeze
  • Sun Dance
  • Sun Light
  • Sun Bronze
  • Bronze
  • Buff Beige

I have been using the shade 027 Sun Dance, which does have some shimmer to it. I enjoyed this shimmer bronzer because it is easy and fast for everyday use. You still get a glow without having to use another product as a highlighter, which is great when you're getting ready for class and have ten minutes to get ready and still look bomb.

This bronzer gives a nice tanned natural look. It is a warmer bronzer with gold shimmer. The packaging says it is waterproof and wears up to ten hours. When I see a product that says waterproof, I don't think of swimming and it staying on, I think of it holding up throughout the day even in humidity. I definitely don't think it lasts up to 10 hours, because I found myself applying more in the middle of the day to add a little warmth to the skin. It does blend nicely into the skin which is extremely important for me.

One thing I did not like this product is the packaging, it has a plastic top that does not stay on well, and has broken on me before. But, for the price you can't beat it!

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