Quick and Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume- Lumberjack

So it's Halloween, and you have a costume party tonight and haven't thought at all about your costume. Been there, and here's an option that looks thought-out and cute, that cost me $1.00. Being a lumberjack for Halloween or a costume party is so cute and easy! Follow these steps to get the look:

1.) Outfit- There's a few options here that could work, depending on what articles of clothing you already own, or want to buy. I already owned a super cute flannel romper from Aerie that I bought last year. They no longer have it in stores, but I found the same one on poshmark.com! If you don't have something similar to this and don't want to buy one there's another easy option. A flannel and jeans. You can get a flannel anywhere, I found a variety of colors at old Old Navy. The great thing about wearing jeans and flannel is that you can either wear it normally, or around your waist with a black top, to make it so cute!

AccessoriesTo make this outfit stand out as a lumberjack, there's a few accessories you'll need to complete the look! You'll need either combat boots, or Tims (other boots could work as well, whatever you have!) As well as some sort of hat to add to that lumberjack vibe.

The Axe- Last minute I wanted to make an axe. I ran to JoAnn Fabrics and bought a stick for $1.00. I used some cardboard I had at home and drew out the shape of how the iron/steel part axe would look like. I cut out TWO axe shapes, making sure they were identical in size and shape. I then got out the hot glue gun, and let it heat up. While it got hot, I painted the cardboard silver and let it dry. Once the paint was dry and the glue gun was ready, I glued one cardboard shape to one side of the stick, and the other cardboard shape to the other side of the stick. I then glued the two pieces together in the middle to make them stick together and look more realistic.

AND TADAAA! It's done, your officially the cutest lumberjack at the party. I had most of this stuff at home, so the only thing I had to buy was the stick. But, everything I talked about you can find fairly cheap and easy! Have a wonderful Halloween! :)