Her Campus Back-to-School Survival Kit: Beauty Edition

Trick your friends and classmates that your put together, even on the days your not.These Freeman Facials and Bed Head hair products are a need for every college student. *How to use face masks for combination skin*


For those who don't know what Her Campus is the #1 new-media brand for the empowered college woman. Written entirely by the world's top college journalists – with 10,000+ contributors and counting – HerCampus.com features national Style, Beauty, Health, Love, Life, Career, Entertainment, News, DIY, LGBTQ+, High School, and After College content supplemented by local content from 350 campus chapters nationwide and in ten countries. I am my colleges Beauty Consultant, so I will be writing about all things beauty! Today I'm reviewing what we got in our Back-To-School Survival Kit.  

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If you're on a budget but want that spa like experience, check out Freeman Face Masks. They work beautifully and are only $4.29.

  1. Freeman Polishing Charcoal & Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask: Out of all three mask, this one was my favorite. This mask made my skin feel like a baby's bum after using it, I could not stop touching my face! I have tried a lot of masks, from sheet mask to clay masks, but this one was different. This mask didn't go on like a smooth paste like most masks do. The Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask texture was very much so like sugar! It exfoliated my skin so well without being irritating or over-drying. I am a huge believer in spray tans, I get them almost every week! Before I get a spray tan I ALWAYS exfoliate my skin. This mask exfoliated my skin so well, my spray tan has never turned out better! The tan was so even and my skin still felt extremely soft from the facial I did earlier that day. I'll definitely be repurchasing this product. Most people have a variety of skin issues, from oiliness and acne prone skin to dry and dull skin. There's usually a mask for these issues..But if you're someone like me who is both dry and oily on different spots of your face, keep reading.
  2. I used Both the Freeman Rejuvenating Cucumber & pink Salt Clay Mask and the
  3. Freeman Deep Cleaning Manuka Honey & Tea Tree Oil Foaming Clay Mask to achieve the most beneficial facial for my skin type. I have dry skin but I am also oily and more acne prone in my T-zone area. I used the the Manuka Honey & Tea Tree Oil Foaming Clay mask in my T-zone area because this mask is perfect for oily / breakout prone skin. Manuka Honey helps deliver potent healing properties to nourish the skin, while Tea Tree oil helps to purify pores and control oil with its antibacterial properties. I had a blemish on my chin and the next morning the redness was reduced and the pimple was definitely smaller. For the rest of my face (the outside around my T-zone) I applied the Cucumber & Pink Salt Clay Mask. This masks exfoliated my skin with the salt, while the cucumbers helped detox my skin, making my skin look radiant.
  4. L'Oreal® Paris Hydra Genius Glowing Water Cream Normal/dry Skin 3.04oz: This product is perfect for anyone with Normal/ Dry Skin. It does not make you feel greasy or oily but it leaves your skin looking growly and hydrated! Some moisturizes irritate my face, this product did not burn at all! It did everything I want a moisturizer to do. I don't know if it lasts 72HRs like the claim says, but it definitely left my skin looking fresh and glowly for a long time! My makeup also went on nicely when using this product, which is a huge plus. This line has moisturizers for other skin types as well, which is perfect for a wide variety of people! Now onto hair! & Before I go any further these products are currently on sale for only $7.99 at Ulta!
  5. Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo:  I'm picky with dry shampoos because the smells sometimes bother me-but not this one! This one added texture to my hair and helped hold a curl for my second day hair style. This product is perfect for messy buns when you overslept and don't have time to wash your hair before your 8:30 class. Tip: If you have dark hair like me, make sure you rub this product into your hair because it does give off a white cast.
  6. Bed Head Masterpiece Shine Hairspray: This product added a beautiful shine and hold to my curls! It's important not to use too much of this product though because it can leave your hair feeling crunchy and hard! Use it sparingly to achieve a flawless look.
  7. Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray: This product is what you would use in either humid weather or if you need your curls to last and not fall whatsoever, then this is your product. If you can't ever get your curls to hold and last, definitely try this product out. The more you use the harder it gets, and the hold is very strong. Perfect for Proms, Formals, Wedding, etc.

Overall, I think this Her Campus Survival Kit was great. It's so important to take a minute for yourself during your stressful semester to do a relaxing facial! It's also great to wake up late, throw some dry shampoo in your hair and take on the day! Are you going to go out and buy any of these products?!

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