Fall/Thanksgiving Makeup Look & Outfit

Fall is all about warm hues, which is why the Ring the Alarm Eyeshadow Palette is the perfect palette for Thanksgiving! Not only are the shadows beautiful warm shades, they are very blend-able and creamy. The key to a natural matte smokey eye is to blend blend blend! In-between each of the steps below, take a fluffy crease brush and blend everything together before you move onto the next color!


I started with the shade “Rush” a matte amber color as my transition shade.

I used this color as my transition shade and I applied it with a large fluffy brush multiple times.


Then I added “Alert” a matte deep ochre into my crease & onto my lid.

This deep orange/brown shade is what really makes this look a Fall/Thanksgiving look. It adds so much warmth to your look and is the standout color! I used a medium sized fluffy crease brush for my crease, and then a large flat shader eyeshadow brush for all over my lid.


I do the same step with the shade “Mugshot” a matte toasted almond color into my crease & onto my lid.

Mugshot is my favorite shade in this entire palette! It’s the most perfect Fall wearable shade. This is my favorite color to wear EVER because it’s so flattering and trendy right now! I used a small crease brush to pack a lot of shadow into my crease and onto my lid. It goes great with Fall colored clothes and really completes your whole entire look!


Lightly dust the shade “Framed” a matte deep plum in the outer part of your crease.

This shade made the look interesting because it was a different color than the “brown/orangey” shades being used. Adding this color to the outer edge of your eye also adds to the smokey aspect of this look. I used a small detailed brush to complete this step.

Add depth into your crease with the shade “Secret” a matte roasted chestnut shade.

This shade takes your look to the next level because it’s the darkest shade in the palette. Use a small crease brush and use windshield wiper motions until you get the desired darkness you want. And finally take the first shade “Rush” again and blend everything together.

Next, I took the shade “Mugshot” on a small pencil brush and used that underneath the lower lash line. I blended the lower lash line with the shade "Rush.” The only shade missing in this look was a matte highlight color. I used whatever cream shade I already owned and put it underneath my brow bone as well as in my inner corner to add brightness to the smokey look. To finish the eye look I used my Black Maybelline Gel Eyeliner to create a small wing! (This eye look will still look good without a wing eyeliner- if you want it to be more of a daytime look!)
(Do your regular Foundation routine)

Finally, I finished the look with one of my favorite liquid lipsticks- The Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink! I used the shade “Amazonian.” This is a rich caramel brown that is super pigmented and will last through your thanksgiving dessert without smudging or needing to reapply! This color completed the eye look, and is such a wearable beautiful brown shade. It’s honestly my go-to favorite Fall lipstick!

I loved the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Ring the Alarm Eyeshadow Palette so so much and can’t wait to play with more of the palettes they have came out with. I highly recommend this palette as well as the Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Lipsticks!

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