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The Best Holiday Gift Set - Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow Kitchen Kit

If someone were to create a makeup kit especially for me, it would be the BECCA x CHRISSY TEIGEN Glow Kitchen Kit. From the formula, to the shades, to the scent, it’s seriously perfection. Becca created this kit with the one and only, Chrissy Teigen. This kit features 4 never-before-seen formulas with holiday scents to create a full face, eye and lip look. I think this kit is so cool because not only are the shades different, Becca and Chrissy created 4 NEW formulas- that are so amazing.

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5 Makeup Must-Haves For Spring Break

Warning: You will look like a bronzed goddess when using these products. I have picked out my 5 under $20 makeup product must-haves for spring break. These 5 products will give you the perfect "no makeup makeup look.'

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